Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wedding: Clinton & Kirsten

Clinton & Kirsten (The Sequel by Threelogy) Mary the Queen - April 2018 from Threelogy Video on Vimeo.

(The Sequel by Threelogy) Mary the Queen - April 2018

Bridal/entourage gown - Zandra Lim Designs
HMUA - Lilian Yeung
Preps/Reception - Crowne Plaza Manila
Suits - Desino Dulce
Event Styling - Teddy Manuel
Bridal bouquet/styling and lights - Angel of Hearts Florist and Event Stylist
Host & Sound system - Max Tiu II
Coordination - Elisa Sia Lim
Photography - Fairy Tale Studios
Choreography - Edward A. Sera Jose Jr..The First Dance
Clinton L. Ching Kirsten Lim

Monday, March 12, 2018

Asian Dragon Magazine - January-February 2018

 Asian Dragon Magazine
January-February 2018
Maidenform Advertorial
By Chesca Dela Cruz
Photography: Gee Plamenco Jr.
Illustration: Pj Calingasan
Make Up: Lilian Yeung
Hair: Mycke Arcano
Model: Bia Caniero

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Destination Wedding: Paolo & Carissa

Pao & Carissa from redsheep on Vimeo.

More of Paolo & Carissa wedding at Redsheep Cinema Blogsite.


By Redsheep Cinema aka "Guj"

One of the shots in my bucket list is a photo of someone on an empty street in New York City: think "I Am Legend" but a lot less apocalyptic, "Vanilla Sky" but a lot less Tom Cruise-ey. In order to achieve that, you have to be in a Universal Studios backlot with matching green screen, CGI and all as in the former, or you would have to be a hotshot Academy Award-winning Hollywood director with enough calibre to be given the privilege to *actually* shutdown not a few New York City blocks on a particular weekend -- the latter. It's either those two or you have to be the POTUS himself, or perhaps just have him in the same hotel as where you are on the morning of your wedding day.

And that's exactly what happened: President Trump was attending a Republican event at The Pierre, and, as protocol would dictate, they had to shut down a few city blocks within the vicinity. (Sorry Carissa, but when you called me up the night before, I was actually stoked!) And good thing Pao and Carissa were perfectly cool, calm and collect with it, not sulking over walking a few blocks up instead of getting picked up by the bridal car directly at The Pierre's driveway. You guys are awesome.

Pao & Carissa's New York City Wedding.
Preparations: The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York
Ceremony: St. Ignatius Loyola Church
Reception: La Grenouille & Restaurant DANIEL (Michelin Starred Cuisine by Chef Daniel Boulud)

Photography & Video: Redsheepcinema aka "Guj"
Makeup: Lilian Yeung
Hair: Jay Wee
Gown: Vera Wang

Soundtrack licensed under the Music Bed. Instagram soundtrack by redsheep. That was our 6th original music track and the first one featuring the Roli Seaboard Block (the intro's very [very!] subtle steady glissando part) and the Korg nanoKEY2 (the intro's arpeggio pattern). "Untitled redsheep track no. 6", or, as I fondly call it, "Metropolis pt. 3". Best enjoyed with 🎧. But that's already asking too much from you guys. *chuckles*

Monday, January 8, 2018

Destination Wedding: Paolo & Carissa

Destination Wedding: Paolo & Carissa
New York City - December 2017
Photography & Video: Redsheepcinema aka "Guj"
Makeup: Lilian Yeung
Hair: Jay Wee
Gown: Vera Wang