Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prenuptial in the making: Lex & Cathy

Leaving Manila to Shanghai around 5A.M.
In transit...
Arriving our destination around 6PM
 this is packing light....
Touchdown Shanghai... everyone's happy!
unloading more...
and more...
 Our home for 2 days...
First dinner together... early day ahead!
Day 2: Our resident navigator...
Fellow foodie!
Make Up on Cathy up-close
 Make Up by Me :)
 Day 2: 1st day of our pictorial
 Make-up artist/ make-shift stylist...
this wasn't easy...
Strong wind + 4inch heels + rocky plains
Cat made it look so easy and composed but she was scared to bits.
Day 3: Inviting & calm waters but very slippery and ice cold. 
Cat, braved the cold waters stayed there for good 35minutes. after finishing this layout
she couldn't feel her toes.
 Post card shot! Thanks Pat and Pauline!
Pauline assisting Cathy

We bought an oxygen inhaler to ease the breathing in high altitude.
Happy camper

 Amazing view... Yes, China has it all!
Me and Cathy
Picture Perfect!

 Got abit dizzy during the shoot bec. of the high altitude
Very scenic!
 Team "Secret Garden"
Lunch Break!!!
 Randomly saw this place. literally translated "Happy Grass"
Si Mr. Suave...
 Gorgeous couple Lex & Cathy.
 Team "Secret Garden"
 Day 4: Relaxing day before our flight back to Shanghai..
 Lex & Pat leisurely biking that prompted an impromptu shoot...ack!

 Back in Shanghai! Gorgeous room... so cozy!
All packed up! My baby have reached China!!!
Xindalu, Hyatt on Bund
 Amazing Peking Duck in Xin Da Lu recommended by Pat
Last Lunch together....
Bye Shanghai!
 After 5 days being together... bromance blossomed.
Prenuptial in the making: Lex & Cathy 
(BTS: Behind the scenes)

I’ve been wanting to post Lex & Cathy’s prenuptial behind the scenes for quite some time after our pictorial in China. I had to refrain myself from posting the BTS (behind the scenes) for months so nobody would see until their wedding day so it would be extra special. I’ve known Cathy for some time since I started my make-up career then we became good friends overtime. I got to know more of Cat when she studied dentistry (specialty) in Hong Kong. I would stay at her place when I frequent to HK.  I would literally just show up at her doorstep.

As tedious as it seemed it didn’t feel like work, seemed organic and spontaneous. Cat and Lex were a natural, very accommodating and sweet. She braved the rocky plains, cold current, and no fuss about changing her clothes. I got to know more of Lexington, they were very supportive of each other. As he eased in to the groove and later on even asked for more. Overall it was an enjoyable trip! It wouldn’t be possible w/o the lead of Pat Dy and his wife Pauline. Congratulations Lex and Cathy!