Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wedding: Ms. Carissa Chan

Look 1 for Church Ceremony
 Look 2 for Dinner reception for Family.
Intimate Dinner with Family after Church ceremony
 Look 3 for Dinner reception for Family.& Friends

Saturday, December 2, 2017

BTS New York Wedding; Paolo & Carissa

 Park Ave View
 My set-up
 Jay doing his thing
President Trump was attending a Republican event at The Pierre, and, as protocol would dictate, they had to shut down a few city blocks within the vicinity.
 Ceremony at St. Ignatius

Friday, December 1, 2017

New York City Engagement Session: Paolo & Carissa

New York City Engagement Session
The three of us were all on the same page on how to go about with their New York City engagement shoot: NYC - Manhattan in particular - should be recognizable, without being too familiar or too touristy; chill, because we were two days shy of their wedding day; and, lastly, unabashedly run & gun because of the inevitable: the holiday crowd, shameless photobombers (seriously dudes, just don't), and a very steep exponential decay of daylight, from golden hour and deep darkness in... *ahem* a New York minute. Hello, New York in December.

Pao & Carissa's New York City Engagement Session.
New York City - December 2017

Photography & Video: Redsheep Cinema aka "Guj"
Makeup: Lilian Yeung
Hair: Jay Wee