Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Theater: Love & Other Drugs

I have no life these past couple of months... it's been work, work & work not that I'm complaining but sometimes I wished 'work & me time' was more balance. I miss indulging the simple joys of life. Slowly, I'm trying to have my "me" time. So today, I had waxing done, indulging in a mani and a 2hrs massage the other day. Yay! I feel like a person again! Then a quickie detour to Topshop and saw this gray/brown sling pouch number.

Watched "Love & other drugs" definitely one for the books! Made me laugh & teary eyed! I want that rockin rollin love story! Jake Gallagher was so charming & sexy! perfect ending on a Sunday night ♥