Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dior fires John Galliano

In the last few days, the news scandalized the world of fashion: John Galliano, creative director of the Christian Dior fashion house, was arrested – and then released – because of anti-Semitic remarks to a couple in a Parisian cafe last Wednesday. While at first, along with a press release that was direct and abrupt, the Dior maison suspended the designer from his charge, now the news is official: Galliano was definitively fired.
“They whole-heartedly condemn the behavior of Galliano – commented Sidney Toledano, CEO of Diorin total contradiction of the essential values that have always been held by the maison.” The position of the French fashion house, currently controlled by the luxury giant LVMT, was clear from the beginning: “Our policy with regard to his behavior and anti-Semite and racist slurs is of zero-tolerance” they said right from the beginning in a communication.

Despite the fact that Galliano aggressively defends himself against the accusations, from the day of the suspension, both on- and off-line, a series of increasing ulterior happenings have followed: yesterday an online video showed up, published by the British tabloid the Sun, that portrays the drunk Galliano as he utters anti-Semitic phrases. A video that would have been filmed last December at the Cafè La Perle in Paris. Even the new Oscar winner, Natalie Portman, testimonial for Dior Parfum and of Jewish descent, was said to be disgusted by the behavior of the designer.

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