Wednesday, May 18, 2011

05.18.11 Gari of Sushi, Artichoke & James Vincent workshop

Finally, I was able to eat at Sushi of Gari. Verdict: pricy for a simple sushi but very good.
Western style toilets in Japan often feature options such as a heated ring, a built-in shower and dryer for your behind and an automatic lid opener. Both Western and Japanese style toilets usually have two flush modes: "small" (小) and "large" (大), differing in the amount of water used-- I love it!
Walked around the neighborhood where Sushi of Gari (Gari46) is located. Lots of interesting restaurant.
46th st. by 9th avenue is an interesting dining neighborhood.
And so after working my appetite grabbing Artichoke for my dinner before my workshop starts. Yes, Artichoke failed me once again. FAIL for the 2nd time. I wonder why people like it?! is it me?! LOL
I love my class with James Vincent. tackled on some skin issues that I've always wondered thoughts about.