Monday, May 9, 2011

Test shoot in New Kirk, Brooklyn

Flushing to Chinatown minibuses run between the city’s main Chinese neighborhoods: Flushing in Queens  & Chinatown in Manhattan.  A 30-minute trip on the expressways each ride costs $2.75. Not bad, considering the subway’s now $2.25 a ride anyway and traveling from Flushing to the city via  – 7 train into Manhattan is an exhausting trip that can easily take two hours. Plus, unlike the subway you’re guaranteed a seat! The vans wait for passengers on 41st street in Flushing, next to a hole-in-the-wall hawking what might be the neighborhood’s best dumplings.
Way to start the day...
New Kirk Ave., Brooklyn neighborhood
One of the best pasties I've had. Have to ask Aisa about the pastry shop in Brooklyn. So yum!
Doing my make up in the kitchen.
Aisula setting up her test shoot.
I'm glad I survived my travel from Flushing to New Kirk Ave., Brooklyn. NY Subway has one of the slowest & crappiest system I've ever encountered. Its worst on weekends because of the re-routes & repairs that MTA has. NY City is great with an exception of the subway system.