Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marinduque bound...

Super early flight! No sleep at all :o
I love my kit! she's been everywhere... she's a fighter!

Almost there!
The team is going "GO LITE" on packing :)
PJ Cana, Andrew T. together with Ann Umali
Improvising on my station... not bad huh?! pretty view...
designated hairstylist... OMG! Fail!

Yes, I have sweet tooth

Today I just had an hour of sleep. I guess a bit anxious with my wake up call at 5:00am. Met up with the team at 5:45am for our 7:00am flight via Zest Air to Bellaroca Resort in Marinduque. After 35mins of plane ride we were welcomed by  John Tanjangco director of marketing for Bellaroca in Marinduque airport. Then the team headed to the resort with 40minutes van ride and another 10mins. speedboat to the resort. We had breakfast at 10:30am then rested for a bit. At 11am the team did an ocular, had lunch and we I got started with make up at 2:30pm by 4pm we we're shooting.... so exhausted!

Seven S. fresh from Bangkok together with Roana C.
Ze Marinduque airport runway... sweet.

Welcoming us with cold towels & 40minutes van ride.
Another 10minutes speed boat ride to the Resort.

Seven & Roanna
Touchdown Bellaroca Resort!