Wednesday, September 21, 2011

American Idol in Manila!

Yay! I'm excited with American Idol S10 Live tour in Manila later tonight at Araneta Coliseum! not to mention I got my ticket for a steal of 60% off at Groupon beeconomic. I have my prejudice with "groupon's beeconomic" at first with their seating reservation system but, I gave the benefit of the doubt as stated in their deal policy. After purchasing the ticket onlinne they promptly sent me a confirmation voucher via email. together with the voucher there was a corresponding  assigned contact numbers where you will need to call and reserve your preferred seating arrangement. (which had a deadline + it was hard get in touch with their hotline.)

So, I did as indicated in the voucher . The reservations, the date of pick-up and where to pick it up etc. low and behold, I went to Araneta Coliseum on the date it was "supposedly" going to be released (imagine the inconvenience for anyone just travel to Araneta coliseum and to find out that there's was no ticket!!!) later, I learned from the ticketing lady in the coliseum that the marketing of groupon hasn't released any ticket to the management. It was an epic fail indeed.

I received an email a few days after with an apolody and that it was ready for pick-up. Verdict?! I got the seat that the least I preferred & to add insult to injured party I have to go back to Araneta Coliseum from Paranaque just to pick-up the tickets. what a shame. How efficient right? and so...

I kept on detesting that I'm not an avid fan of American Idol on previous seasons held but I have to admit Season10 of American Idol has won me over. I hate to admit the idea that I've turned myself into pop junkie but, yes! you heard it right I've sort of converted from this artsy fatootsy gal into pop culture junkie; And Yes! I love Casey, Hailey, Paul & Thia Megia. so sue me :o bracing myself to a Wednesday night traffic madness!