Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typhoon "Pedring"

Water level rises from the coastline of Manila Bay flooding the entire Roxas Blvd.
Aerial view of Roxas Blvd...
Aftermath of Typhoon Pedring in Roxas Blvd.
view from my room...
High from last night's taping after shooting the first episode of ETC's newest show called "Etcera". I was looking forward to today's workload. Slept early, all geared up for 8am call time in Antipolo. Meaning, that I have to be awake at 5am and get myself ready (shower, breakfast & grooming myself) and by 6am I should be out of the door traveling in time for the pickup service in Libis at 7am. Deep into my slumber I received a text message at 2am from the executive producer saying that the PR shoot for "Etcera" was canceled; due to typhoon "Pedring" some roads were already impassable towards Antipolo.

Frustrated. I'm wide awake at 2am. erratic. wanting to work.

I got a bit annoyed with the idea of not working today especially I was really looking forward meeting the entire cast & team for the 1st time. I slept the entire day for 12hrs waking up at 4pm in the state of delusional wasteland. Stuck at home feeling unproductive with no cable. no internet, can’t work and to add insult to injured party I’m missing out on my favorite TV series.

Without internet I felt useless, unable to function and very primitive. So, I decided to hit SM Mall of Asia since I needed to get into my emails a.s.a.p. for work. For the 1st time SM MOA was like a ghostown. unavailable internet cafes, no supermarket, no gym & every shop was close. Some parts of the mall ceilings have collapsed, styrofoam wash from the coastline was everywhere; SM Mall of Asia looked like a dump.
SM Mall of asia