Sunday, February 26, 2012

Channeling Zooey!

Etcetera Team BTS (behind the scenes): Channeling Zooey!
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When we once remarked to Kim how much she looks like Katy Perry, she said, "oh, everyone says that all the time." And you know how a lot of people say that Katy, in turn, resembles Zooey Deschanel so much? If you're watching New Girl all the time, we're sure you'd agree.

So for our shoot on channeling Zooey's style, Kim was obviously the perfect choice to model the three looks we prepared! Her transformation was uncanny and so convincing, it was like meeting Katy and Zooey's long-lost sister!

Sam of Candy magazine described to us the perfect Zooey pieces, then our stylist Cit-cit, our make-up maven Lilian, and our hair honcho Jay got to work. Kim was obviously very "kilig" with her Zooey-fied look, and had no probleming channeling Zooey during our fun shoot!

Here are more pictures to show you how it went:
Lilian preps Sam before her interview with Kim.
 We couldn't help noticing that even Sam was in a very Zooey get-up that day!
Clothes for Kimmy
 Jay's "secret weapon" the transformation wouldn't be complete w/o a bangs....
Transforming into Zoeey D!
Kim's call time was 6am, so she needed a little caffeine fix to get perked up!
The team of ETCetera with Kim Jones
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