Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cafe Noriter

The place is so charming! reminded me cafe's in Taiwan.
section where you kick back your shoes and chill
they have a tree house like section where you can just do lay and just chill.
cute creative wall paintings
 such a quaint place
 Yay! I got back in Manila yesterday in time for my shoot for today. got me worried because we almost didn't make it to our flight due to the thunderstorm weather in Legazpi City. Today, I did a shoot at Cafe Noriter. This place is so cute & artsy! The quaint cafe has its own charm centered in the area of DLSU Taft. a place where student can hang during breaks, they even have this section where you can just take of your shoes and sit on the floor or take naps during breaks despite of its laid back charm it isn't another one of those "boho cafe's"