Sunday, April 22, 2012


Trial for my January Bride - Aileen Chua
Yesterday, was so hectic! I had 3clients two of which was trial for a wedding and trial for a prenuptial shoot. The day started very early. I woke up at 3am to be on time for my 1st home serviced client of the day in Banawe Quezon City. Ack, so hard for me to drive in unfamiliar location that's why I had to wake up so early to alot time navigating my way. So, I serviced my 1st client at 6am for her event; she'll be attending as 'Principal sponsor'... next client was Aileen at 9am for her trial (wedding); I'm so glad she'll be one of my January brides yay! after Aileen I headed to Greenhills  w/ Charlene for her  prenup photo-shoot trial.

All in all the day was so hectic despite with the summer heat and with 3 different locations w/o driver. I die! but it all worked out in the end. I'm just so happy that they all loved what I did for them and all of my clients are sooo pleasant, nice and easy to work with. As cliche as it sounds it's so rewarding when someone appreciates your work and be involved on their special day.

Charlene's trial for her pre-nup trial (for her photoshoot)
still needs few tweaking... but I'm happy