Friday, November 9, 2012

Antipolo shoot...

we were welcomed by the vibrant assortment of food that seemed like a table display of some sort.
Yes, it's a salad made out weeds and flowers. It's edible!
Tilapia fish wrap in buri palm leaves
Using Blue Ternate (flower on top of the rice) as the food coloring for the rice.

Yesterday, we had a shoot in Antipolo for Women's Health Magazine. As of the moment I can't say the name of the location where we shot at until the issue comes out. It was a long way getting to the location. I'm not sure if it was like an hour and half or more from Libis; given I have been driving coming from South... imagine my frustration driving for 2hrs. and not seeing paved road where we were headed.

As we entered the premise it seemed promising, very serene and the pool was inviting. the weather was very humid when we got there and slightly overcast. Welcomed by the Chef with Unique serving of colorful assortment. We thought it was some sort of table display and look again...
We were being served of "our" lunch. very interesting. everything is so pretty and vibrant. Also yummy!!!
[draft] to be continued.