Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chalk Magazine - March 2013

Make Up on Mitos Pueo (Left)
Grooming on Myrrh Lao Toh (Botton)
Make Up on Cai Subijano (Top) and Meryll Chavez (Bottom)
Make Up on Cai Subijano
Grooming on Martin Castaneda (Left)

Chalk Magazine - March 2013
Produced by: Bianca Santiago-Reinoso
Assisted by: Kate Paras

Photography: Shaira Luna
Make Up & Grooming: Lilian Yeung of Estee Lauder on
Cai Subijano, Mitos Pueo & Meryll Chavez (Make Up)
Myrrh Lao Toh & Martin Castaneda (Grooming)
Hair: George Aliben of Kiehl's stylist series