Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meg Magazine: Real Girls

REAL WORLD: Beauty Feature - In this month's issue 
This is Nicole. She is a marketing executive who goes to meetings with clients all the time. She doesn’t know how put on makeup and she’s lazy about applying too. {Read on this month's - November 2013 issue!} 
This is Karls. She is a business woman who has to look presentable all the time. She would always have full makeup on but her main issue is skincare. {Read on this month's - November 2013 issue!}
This is Liana, a preschool teacher who is also a dancer. She would apply light makeup during the day in school and during meetings with parents, but is willing to experiment with makeup when she goes out with her friends at night. {Read on this month's - November 2013 issue!}
Meg Magazine - November 2013
REAL WORLD: Beauty Feature

Interviewed by: Guia Galvez
Styling by: Ning Hilario
Make Up: Lilian Yeung of Estee Lauder
Hair by: Aries Manal

Nicole Guzman, 26 [Click image to enlarge]
Karlstyn Cruz, 25 [Click image to enlarge]
Liana Lim, 26 [Click image to enlarge]