Saturday, February 1, 2014

Metro Magazine - Feb 2014

Photography: Doc Marlon Pecjo
Styling: Eldzs Mejia
Make Up: Lilian Yeung of Estee Lauder (PMAP Models: Maan Marquez & Ana Sideco)
Hair: Jay Wee & Mycke Arcano
PMAP Models: Maan Marquez & Ana Sideco
Make Up on Petra Dvorakova of Mercator (2nd from the right beside Jessica Yang)
Make Up on Melanie Angeles of Cal Carrie's (Center)
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 Make Up on Tina Dahl of Elite (Rightmost corner)
 Make Up on Samantha Humpries & Paulina Gluzek of Elite
(Samantha on the rightmost corner and Paulina 2rd from the left)
 Make Up on Maan Marquez of PMAP - no brows look (1st from the Left side)
Make Up on Ana Sideco of PMAP in champagne dress by Vania Romoff (Fourth from the left)
Make Up on Olivia Medina of IM Agency (1st and center frm the left)

Photography: Doc Marlon Pecjo
Styling: Eldzs Mejia
Text: Ria Gamboa
Make Up: Lilian Yeung for Estee Lauder; Bobby Carlos for Max Factor
Gery Penaso, Ria Aquino and Anton Patdu all for MAC and Diane Lorenzana
Hair:  Mark Familara, Mycke Arcano, Iwa Ajinomoto and Jay Wee