Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simple Joys...

Yay! today my beauty blender came from!
My 2nd batch of beauty blender! I ♥ them. addicted!

I love this BENCH Aromatheraphy alcogel hand sanitizer ! It's addicting!

I realized I haven't been blogging about some product reviews since I started this blog of last January 2011. Mainly to post about my work, my raves and everything in between...

Beauty Blender:
This sponge is the best one I have ever used. It is great for blending concealer especially for blending around areas like your eyes & nose. I've been hearing this from other make-up addicts & beauty blogs but I figured it's just a hype. The price point is a little intimidating for a piece of eggshell sponge. Who would buy for a piece of eggshell sponge for the price point of $20USD or Php1,500/piece? but after having used it for a few months, I believe the excellent quality makes it a good value.

It's washable, re-useable and recyclable. It's latex free and anti-microbial. Can be used with all types of make up; liquid base, cream base, mineral make up, cream blush, powders etc. Use Beauty blender damp or dry.Please note-- Beauty blender will expand when wet and overtime the pink color of the sponge will fade depends how frequent you use it. Application tip: Stipple or "bounce" Beauty blender when applying your make up for a flawless finish

BENCH Aromatheraphy Alcogel Hand sanitizer:
I'm just too addicted to  BENCH Aromatherapy Hand sanitizer why? here are few reasons why...
  • Mainly, It just smells so good!
  • Cheap and convenient!
  • It doesn't feel sticky like other hand sanitizers yet it moisturizes! 
♥ Best,